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Business Travel

No business wants disaster to strike its employees while away on company business. Chubb Business Travel policies provide a comprehensive range of benefits covering medical, personal and travel-related events at competitive prices.

Group Personal Accident

Employees in all types of businesses purchase Chubb’s market-leading Group Personal Accident cover to protect against a loss by death or injury. It’s either provided as a contractual benefit to staff, or the company takes the benefits and it provides a range of payments and assistance in the event of an employee being accidentally injured or killed.

Global Mobility Solutions

Whatever the shape and size of your business, you have a duty of care to your employees around the world. Obligation to look after employees and mitigate risks should be core to your operation. Chubb’s Global Mobility Solutions provide security, protection and peace of mind for every single employee, wherever they are based.

Expatriate Insurance

Working in a different country brings significant personal and professional change. New experiences and opportunities combine to make it an exciting next step in your career and an adventure for you or your family.

Caring and fast claims service

Chubb’s Group Personal Accident cover pays out fast because the policy does not require negligence to be proven before a claim can be settled. From start to finish, our industry-wide recognised claims team is focused on helping businesses protect their most valuable assets – their people.