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Identifying pollution

We all have a responsibility to ensure that our enterprise doesn’t adversely impact our environment. Are your clients aware of their risks? Are they protected? And if the worst case scenario does happen, what plans are in place to minimise the damage?

Sources of pollution

Awareness of the sources of pollution is key to understanding how best to manage risk. Without Chubb by your side, your clients could be exposed financially, socially and reputationally. Here’s a simple breakdown of where the dangers exist.

Gaps in cover

Your client is already covered. Or are they? Gaps in cover might seem an acceptable risk, but where the environment is concerned, the damage can be vast. Don’t get caught out. We’ve outlined some common exposures right here, based on our ongoing experience in the field.

Contractors Pollution Liability

Whether it’s a traditional risk transfer for operational exposure or a complex project, our unique Contractors Pollution Liability cover protects your clients and their contractors on-site. Together, we’ll identify the risks and minimise any impact.

Environmental Protect

Tailor the right solution with us for your clients’ needs, covering a broad range of liabilities and protection. From regulatory remediation costs, to third party injury and damage to biodiversity, our Environmental Protect product is far reaching.

Surviving a crisis

When the unthinkable happens, how will you react? Without a plan you’ll be fire-fighting the whole way. But the good news is that with the right preparation and careful planning well in advance, a business can survive. Here’s how…

Renewable Energy Environmental Protection

While innovative companies pioneer the way forward in renewable energies, we’re pioneering the way they’re covered, with our industry-first product for the Nordics. Welcome to the era of Renewable Energy Environmental Protection.

Premises Pollution Liability

Constant product innovation keeps us one step ahead of legislative changes. And where business premises are concerned, that’s invaluable, which is why our cover extends to historical exposures, damage to biodiversity, business disruption and more.