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Market-Leading Protection For Companies And Senior Management

Backed up by our experienced team of underwriters to provide the right levels of cover and our claims professionals to help when it is needed.

A Complex World

Companies today have to operate within a growing array of complex laws, rules and regulations, which increase the possibility of loss and consequent litigation. Nearly every industry can be affected by suits against the company, management and employees.

Chubb offers two insurance products: Elite Plus Management & Corporate Liability and Elite V catering for the different needs of businesses.

Who Is Insured?

Directors and officers, including:
  • Unrestricted definition of directors or officers covering all types of past, present and future directors and officers
  • Managerial and supervisory employees
  • All employees for employment related wrongful acts
  • Employees as co-defendants
  • Retired directors, other than those retired because of disqualification from holding office
  • Outside directors who, at the request of the company, serve on an outside entity board
  • Spouse, estate, or legal representative of deceased directors
  • All approved persons who perform controlled functions
  • Any lawyer employed by the company who in their capacity as such must comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

D&O For Private Companies

Chubb has two Directors & Officers Liability products. In addition to Elite V, we also offer Elite Plus Management & Corporate Liability. This is aimed at any private limited company with less than £500 million turnover.