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Once a company operates beyond its home country borders, the complexity increases significantly. Chubb is widely recognised as one of the leading liability insurance underwriters worldwide providing bespoke solutions to minimise complexity. We do this for a wide range of companies, from exporters with limited international presence to large multinational enterprises with multiple subsidiaries and joint ventures across the world.

Chubb’s customised solutions cover the broad range of risks that businesses face, both at home and abroad. Our co-ordinated and transparent global approach provides customers with risk transfer and risk financing solutions which are both compliant and cost effective.

Chubb’s liability products also offer clients protection against the threat of legal action in an increasingly litigious environment. Chubb Global Programme Solutions (GPS) liability products provide employers’, public and product liability protection to companies operating in, or exporting to, countries and regions beyond their home borders.

Product Highlights

  • High levels of underwriting authority locally means that prompt decisions can be made
  • High limits of indemnity
  • Bespoke insurance cover to meet individual requirements
  • Insurance from one of the most financially robust, global insurance companies