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Masterpiece Home Appraisal Service



Chubb understands the complexity of rebuilding custom, architecturally unique and historic homes.

When you purchase a Masterpiece policy, one of Chubb’s Risk Consultants will visit your property to make sure you have the right coverage for your home, as well as assist with security and loss prevention advice and offer suggestions to protect your valuables from damage and theft.

Appraisal Service

What to expect during a Masterpiece Home Appraisal visit

With over 1,500 appraisals completed every year in Australia and New Zealand, our experts Risk Consultants are able to thoroughly appraise your property. During your visit, one of our Risk Consultants will:


Note the type and quality of materials used in your home’s construction and interiors

Record any architectural features unique to your home

Gather measurements and photographs to accurately estimate the cost to rebuild

Review the home’s fire detection and other safety and security features

Evaluate external structures and landscaping (for consideration in accordance with your Chubb policy)

Undertake a high-level check of the home’s plumbing to identify things such as flexible hoses, which could pose an increased risk of internal water damage


Benefits of a Masterpiece Home Appraisal visit

During a home appraisal inspection, you will experience our team’s expertise in risk mitigation and receive a comprehensive risk assessment. We provide accurate sums insured, which helps to:

a) offer the most appropriate financial settlement should you need to make a claim; and  

b) settle your claims quickly and fairly.

As a result of the home appraisal service, we can provide “Extended Replacement Cost” cover for your home. This means that we would pay the full amount to rebuild your home, whatever the cost,so you can restore your home’s features with like-for-like quality and materials.

How does a Masterpiece Home Appraisal work?


When you purchase a Chubb Masterpiece policy, you may be eligible for a personal home appraisal free of charge. The nature of the appraisal, whether it is an external assessment or a full home appraisal, will depend on the sum insured and location of the property.

Each Risk Consultant has the expertise required to assess the architectural features unique to your home both inside and out. They estimate the replacement value of all features and take into account rarity of materials, unique design features and the need for skilled craftsmanship.

The in-depth process typically takes around an hour, but may extend to a few hours for larger properties. Afterwards, you will receive an appraisal report that may include photographs of key features. 

Meet the team

Meet your dedicated risk consultants

At Chubb, we have dedicated state based risk consultants who will come out to undertake an appraisal of your property.


Mark Treppo

Risk Consultant Manager, A&NZ

Dean Pell

Senior Risk Consultant, VIC

Samuel Pearce

Risk Consultant, NSW

Steve Dobson

Risk Consultant, WA

Tom Watson

Risk Consultant, NZ

Craig Boal

Risk Consultant, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

No. This is an insurance replacement cost valuation only. A replacement cost valuation is based on the cost to rebuild your home with similar quality materials and craftsmanship to that which existed before the loss. It takes no account of land value (it is not an appraisal to obtain the market value). Market value, on the other hand, is essentially the sale price of a property. This includes the value of the land, the house and any other site improvements. Factors that can influence market value include location, views, proximity to schools, shops and transportation, and the condition and style of a house.

Preferably someone living at the home should be present to assist with answering some personalised questions, however this can be done via a follow up phone call post the visit  if you are unable to attend on the day. 

In order for Extended Replacement Cost to be provided it is a requirement of the policy to accept any Building Sum Insured adjustment following the appraisal and a pro rata extra and/or return premium may be generated depending on the amount of sum insured change. 


Are you under insured?

Under-insurance means that policyholders who believe they are fully covered for a risk are, in fact, only partially covered against the risks to which they are exposed, even though they have bought insurance.

Do you have enough homeowners insurance for these uncertain times?

As you navigate today’s uncertain world, where you may be seeing the value of your investments fluctuate unpredictably and perhaps depreciate, it’s more important than ever to protect your most important investment—your home.

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