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     1. Coverage for death, dismemberment, loss of sight or total permanent disability, due to

    • General accident
    • Murder or assault
    • Motorcycle riding

      3. Income compensation while being hospitalized due to accident

      4. Medical expenses due to accident

Easy to apply

  • Easy to apply with no medical checkup required, but will need to complete health declaration on the insurance application form (health declaration is one of the factors to be considered for insurance underwriting or to approve payment according to the insurance contract).
  • Insurance plan that offers medical expenses with PA Card providing eligibility to receive treatment in over 300 participating hospitals throughout Thailand. (In case of not using PA Card, treatment can be accepted at any hospital by paying in advance and presenting the documents later for reimbursement).

Summary of exceptions

Actions taken while the insured is under the influence of alcohol or drug, suicide, suicide attempt or self-harm, abortion, dental treatment (except as a result of accident), backache due to slipped/degenerative disc/spine, while car racing, boat racing, horse racing, ski racing, skate racing, boxing, parachuting (except parachuting to rescue life), while taking off, landing or onboarding balloon or glider, bungee jumping, scuba diving, while being involved in argument, while committing crime, in war, riot, strike, revolution, coup, while performing duty as soldier, police or volunteer.

*For international insurance brokers or clients who require insurer/reinsurer to hold a financial strength rating that is higher than that held by Chubb Samaggi Insurance Public Company Limited, please contact ACE INA Overseas Insurance Company Limited, Thailand Branch.