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Accidental Benefits

  • Daily cash benefit for driver or passenger who is admitted to a hospital as an inpatient from a vehicle accident
  • Cash benefit for travel expense while the motor vehicle being repaired caused by collision with land vehicles and the Insured is able to report the other party
  • Cash benefit for travelling expenses in case of loss of motor vehicle or total loss
  • Loss or damage of personal property kept in motor vehicle caused by thef with a trace of forced entry to the insured car

Chubb Roadside Assistant (24 Hours) Hotline: 02 640 4500

Emergency Assistance
  • Battery Charge
  • Spare tire replacement
  • Key being locked in the car/ mistakenly locked
  • Towing service following breakdown and/or misfuelling
  • Free fuel to enable the customer to reach the nearest service station
Breakdown Loss of Use Assistance

Replacement car or cash benefit following breakdown and the car towed to repair shop, and the repair cannot be completed within 24 hours.

Breakdown Inconvenience Assistance
  • Alternative transportation
  • Hotel accomodation
Other Assistance
  • Drink Don't Drive
  • Vehicle pick-up and drop-off before/after repair
  • 24 hour phone technical advisor service
  • Medical transfer/ hospital transfer is subject to recommendations given by the attending practical practitioners.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains available in case of death by a motor accident
  • Emergency message transmission

Underwriting Guideline

  • The insureres must be a registered owner or a holder of vehicle, its seat is not more than 7 seats (110) and trucks weighing is not over 4 tonnes (320). For personal use only, no hiring
  • The insurer's age ranged between 18-70 years

Remark  Applicant should read the terms and conditions of the policy thoroughly prior to applying for insurance.

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