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Data & Technology
  • Apply data analytics prior to any purchases, Chubb uses predictive models in acquisition campaigns to target the ‘most likely to buy’ customers. 
  • Optimise campaigns in terms of revenue generated using the expected response, plan levels, price points and product sequencing.
  • Predict the customers likely to attrite. With more advanced techniques, we can also predict attrition rates and periods.
  • In-depth use of predictive modelling to target former customers who are most likely to return. 
  • Identify the customers whom we can cross sell to.
Chubb Data Analytics
[Video] Unlock the power of your Data

Chubb's Data Analytics uses cutting-edge technologies to develop and deploy analytics solutions to turn your data into effective marketing strategies.  Partner with Chubb and benefit from our data analytics capabilities.


Multiple Channels & Point of Sale

Chubb is able to create multi-dimensional eco-systems that use collaborative selling approaches across both online and offline channels. Depending on the customer segments of the business partners, Chubb can deploy the most effective channel to reach the potential customer. 


    Relevant and Affordable Products

    Over 150 consumer products tailored for individuals and families are available. In view of the rising middle class in Asia, Chubb is able to meet the increasing demand for insurance products that are relevant and affordable.

    Here are some examples of the insurance products for the various sectors.

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    • Purchase Protection
    • ATM Theft
    • Fraud Protection
    • Identity Theft
    mobile phone icon


    • Device Protection
    • Handset Cover
    • Bill Protection 
    • Personal Accident
    • Personal Cyber Protection
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    • Overseas Medical Expenses
    • Flight Delays/Cancellations
    • Baggage Loss/Damage/Delay
    • Loss of Travel Documents
    • Event Cancellation Cover
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    Retail/E-retail/Payments/Loyalty Programs

    • Purchase Protection
    • Refund Protection
    • Wallet Guard
    • Gadget Cover
    • Home Contents
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    Affinity & Membership Organisations/Agents & Brokers

    • Personal Accident
    • Critical Illness
    • Travel Insurance
    • Dental Insurance


    Service Excellence that Increases Loyalty

    We understand the importance of timely and satisfactory settlement of each and every claim. It’s important to us because it’s important to your customers.

    Chubb’s strong worldwide network of operations enables us to pay claims locally. With Chubb Claim Centre, customers can file their claims online at their convenience. It also enables them to check the status of their claim. 

    To take our claims service to a higher level, Chubb has launched a ‘Fast Track Claims’ procedure to manage lower-value, high-volume claims efficiently. In countries where feasible, real-time claims payment is being progressively implemented to enhance customer satisfaction.

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