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Policyholders will receive their insurance benefits more conveniently by PayLink Direct to their bank account instead of cheques. The insurance benefits under PayLink Direct payment include dividend, coupon, policy loan, cash surrender, refund of overpaid premium as well as health and accident claims.

Why PayLink Direct

  • Policyholders will receive their insurance benefits on time, more quickly and conveniently
  • Reduce the problems of cheque lost or expired
  • No fee for the service
  • Get informed through SMS or email when the benefits are posted to your bank account. Just fill in your telephone number and/or email in the request form

How to Sign Up for PayLink Direct Payment
Fill in the request form to sign up for PayLink Direct payment to your bank account

  1. The bank account must be saving or current account whereby the account’s name must be the policyholder 
  2. Complete the form and sign all documents with the same signature as stated in your policy 
  3. Together with the form, enclose copy of your bank’s saving account or statement for the current account as well as the certified true copy of your identity card or house registration Certificate 
  4. Submit all documents to Chubb Life Assurance Public Company Limited or to your agent

Download PayLink Direct Payment Request Form

You can also contact your agent or Chubb Life Customer Care Center at Tel. 1283 for additional information