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According to the notification of the director general of revenue department regarding the regulation about personal income tax deduction benefit on premium payment, the eligible income earners must declare their consent with life and/or general insurers to whom they pay the insurance premium in order to reveal their personal data and apply for the benefit from the tax year 2018 onwards. The insurance companies will proceed to provide required data of insured to the revenue department within January 7th of every year.
For the customers of Chubb Life Assurance Public Company Limited, who are applicable for the tax benefit as mentioned above, it is required to download a declaration of consent form from the link below, complete the form, and send it to the company.
The data about your insurance coverage and premium are confidential and they cannot be disclosed to anyone without your written permission. If you do not submit the declaration of consent form, the company cannot share your data to the revenue department, which may impact personal income tax deduction benefit.

Consent declaration via online channel

The online channel is now expired as scheduled. Should you have any queries, please contact our Customer Care Center Tel. 1283

Consent declaration via offline channel

Please complete and submit the form to the company through business reply service (back page of form) or any of the following channels;

Fax: 0-2675-3818
Postal service:
Chubb Life Assurance Public Company Limited 
130-132 Sindhorn Building, Tower 3, 
22nd Floor, Wireless Road, 
Lumpini, Pathumwan, 
Bangkok 10330
(Partnership Operations)
Should you have any queries, please contact  Customer Care Center
Telephone: 1283, Monday to Friday 8.30 – 17.00 hrs (except public holidays)