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‘Chubb Life Home Care’ - supporting you when you are in need

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ชับบ์ ไลฟ์ โฮมแคร์ ดูแลคุณ

‘Chubb Life Home Care’, a healthcare service at home provided by medical personnel after hospitalization from an illness or an accident. Moreover, Tele-consultation is also being offered after hospitalization for continual care. The customer can share these privileges with immediate family members.

Eligible customers

  1. Chubb Life policyholders who have the following health riders; Health Premium (HP), Health Premium Plus (HPP or HPPM), Health Protector (HSP) and HSPP.
  2. Illness and accident with hospitalization as an impatient more than 6 (Six) hours or
  3. Illness and accident with hospitalization in ICU or
  4. Illness and accident and receive a surgery or
  5. Critical Illness such as cancer and kidney failure and has been treated from the hospital and during the recovery stage or
  6. Accident that requires wound dressing and the insured is unable or has difficulty to go to hospital.
  7. The eligible customer must request for this service within 30 days from the date of discharge from the hospital. 

‘Chubb Life Home Care’, a health care service at home

*This service is eligible for policyholders with HP, HPP, HSP and HSPP, plan 3-5 only, and the customer can share this privilege, including a health care service at home to immediate family members.

Services provided by medical personnel

Registered Nurse

  • Give an injection and preliminary treatment to the patient
  • Plan for continuous care at home
  • Perform diagnostic test and analyze results
  • Instruct the patient on how to take care of themselves after hospital discharge

Care Giver

  • Assist the patient in activities of daily living (ADLs) e.g. bathing, dressing, feeding, and minor chores
  • Serve as a companion for the patient

Practical Nurse

  • Give medicines and basic nursing care
  • Help the patient to bath or dress
  • Provide basic healthcare suggestions
  • Report the patient’s symptoms to registered nurse


  • Examine symptoms, advise the patient, and set a plan for rehabilitation
  • Help the patient regain mobility as soon as possible
ชับบ์ ไลฟ์ โฮมแคร์

Terms of Service “Chubb Life Home Care”

  1. This service does not include medical equipment such as vital sign monitor (pulse, blood pressure, temperature), assistive walking device, wheelchair, oxygen concentrator, and other medical supplies or traveling expense to the hospital.
  2. The service is provided for the eligible customers and/or their family members who reside in Thailand only.
  3. Tele-consultation after hospitalization service does not include medicine cost and delivery fee.
  4. This service is regarded as an extra service. It cannot be changed or turned into cash. If the customer does not accept such service within the stipulated time and conditions, the customer is deemed to relinquish the right to utilize the service at that time.
  5. To maximize efficiency on providing health care services, the provider will analyze the need and provide qualified customers with a continuous health care plan.
  6. Maximum benefit: 7 days/visits per policy year of one or combined services as per above table.
  7. The service provider, AWP Services (Thailand) Co, Ltd., establishes these specific service conditions. As a result, Chubb Life maintains the right to change, modify, or cancel any portion of the service at any time.
  8. The customer can share privilege to immediate family members including a health care service at home for policyholders with HP, HPP, HPPM, HSP and HSPP, plan 3-5 only.

‘Chubb Life Home Care’, a healthcare service at home.

This service provided by medical personnel after hospitalization from an illness or an accident.