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This is an insurance that covers loss of money due to robbery, theft, fire, damages to the premises or safe and other properties as a result of such acts.

The main coverage:

1. Loss of money for wages and salary

2. Loss of money inside premises

3. Loss of money inside safe or strong room

4. Loss of money outside the premises

5. Damage to safe or strong room, the premises and other property

3 Categories under Money Insurance:

M1 : loss of money caused by robbery and theft

M2 : loss of money for any cause not specified in the exclusion

M3 : loss of money for any cause not specified in the exclusion including dishonest acts or embezzlement of money in the care and custody of a custodian and/or messenger

Additional Coverage for Fire Insurance

Market Specialize

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Bank’s Client

Not Stand Alone Product

*For international insurance brokers or clients who require insurer/reinsurer to hold a financial strength rating that is higher than that held by Chubb Samaggi Insurance Public Company Limited, please contact ACE INA Overseas Insurance Company Limited, Thailand Branch.

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