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General Enquiries

1. What are the required certifications eligible to be a Chubb IDP Agent?

  •  GCE ‘O’ Level with a minimum of 3 credit passes or its equivalent or the highest educational certificate; and
  • CGI (old syllabus); or
  • BCP, PGI and ComGI (new syllabus); and
  • HI (if any)

To learn more about how to become a Chubb IDP, click here.

2. I wish to register as a Chubb IDP Agent, however I do not have minimum of 3 GCE “O” Level credit passes, is there any way I can still apply to be one?

Applicants without a minimum of 3 GCE “O” Level credit passes may submit the Basic Competency Examination Certificate awarded by the Singapore College of Insurance (SCI).

3. After submitting the application forms, how long do I have to wait for the IDP team to get in touch with me?

Upon submitting of application forms, the IDP team will get back to you within 14 working days from the date of receipt. 

4. How to check my CPD hours and GIA no.?

Please log in to ARCM.

5. How do I update my particulars?

If you wish to update your particulars, please fill in this form and email it to Our IDP representative will contact you if any supporting document(s) are required.

6. How many CPD hours do I have to fulfil and by when I have to complete?

You need to fulfil the following by 31 December annually:

  •  Composite IDP (Selling life and general insurance products) – 30 Hours (Life insurance) & 8 Hours (General Insurance)
  • General IDP (Selling general insurance products only) – 24 Hours (1st & 2nd year as a General IDP), 15 Hours (3rd year as a General IDP)

7. Who should I contact if I would like to convert license from Individual to Corporate IDP?

Please contact your Business Development Manager for assistance or email to

8. When will I receive my commission?

Commissions will be credited, either by cheque or to your nominated account*. If you have provided Chubb with a copy of your Bank Account Statement reflecting bank account details, your commission will then be credited directly to the designated bank account.

*This is only applicable if premiums deductions were successful.

Product Enquiries

1. Do you have Event Public Liability product?


2. What is your minimum headcount for business travel policy?

Minimum headcount for a business travel policy is 2 persons.

3. What is your maximum limit of Chubb PAL Protect®?

The maximum limit of Chubb PAL Protect® (Chubb Personal Accident & Lifestyle Protect) is S$ 1 million.

4. Do you have Yacht & Pleasure craft insurance?


5. Do you accept Work Injury Compensation Act for shipyard risk?


6. What is your maximum medical expenses limit of a WICA policy?

The maximum limit for medical expenses under our SME Select+ policy is S$150,000 and the maximum limit under Chubb Work Guard® policy is S$300,000.

7. Can my Business Development Manager attend my meetings with my clients?

Kindly contact your Business Development Manager for futher discussion.

8. What is the maximum limit to the sum insured for property under Small Medium Enterprises?

The maximum limit of sum insured for SME Select+ policy is S$10 million.

9. How do I submit the completed application form?

  •  For all Individual Personal Accident and Home and Contents policies, kindly email the IDP team at
  • For all other lines of business:
    • Kindly submit the forms to the respective Underwriters whom you are liaising with; or/and
    • Your dedicated Business Development Manager.

10. My client would like to sign up for a policy, where can I find the application forms?

Application Forms can be found here.

Other Enquiries

1. What is my password for my travel login? How do I reset my login password?

Step 1: Visit Travel Pro Enhanced Travel Insurance System and click on the “Forgotten your password?” link.

Step 2: Key in your User Login ID and Email Address and click submit. A new password will be sent to the email address you have entered.

2. My client did not receive the renewal letter for his/her policy (i.e. Chubb PAL Protect®), how can he/she confirm that the policy still in force?

Please note that no renewal notification letter will be sent for policies that are auto-renewed. The Policy will be auto-renewed upon successful premium deduction.

You may direct the policyholder to contact the Customer Service Hotline at +65 6299 0988 to check on the status of their policy.

3. Who should my client contact if they want to change their credit card details tagged to their policies?

You may direct the policyholder to contact the Customer Service Hotline at +65 6299 0988 and furnish them with the new card details.

Alternatively, they may fill up the ‘Customer Update Request Form’ and mail it to Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited at 138 Market Street #11-01 CapitaGreen, Singapore 048946.

4. Where can we get a copy of the travel brochure and premium rates?

5. If my client wish to cancel their travel insurance policy. Who should they inform?

You may direct the policyholder to contact the Customer Service Hotline at +65 6299 0988 to inform them about the decision to cancel the policy. 

Alternatively, they may fill up the ‘Termination of Policy Request Form’ and mail it to Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited at 138 Market Street #11-01 CapitaGreen, Singapore 048946.

6. How can my client request to change their servicing IDP?

Policyholder may fill up the ‘Third Party Authorisation Form’ and email to your Business Development Manager or email to

7. Would my client receive a copy of an updated policy schedule and wordings for policies issued under ACE Insurance Limited (ACE)?

For policies that were formally issued under ACE , customers will still be subjected to the policy wording that was first issued to them when they first sign up for the insurance, along with any endorsement that were issued by Chubb.

8. Can I use my own credit card to pay on behalf of my client’s policy?

No. All payments must deduct directly from the insured unless authorised and consented by insured.

9. If my client purchased Travel Pro Enhanced policy using a credit card, how will the refund be processed if they cancel the policy? Will the refund be made by Cheque or Credit Card?

Policyholder will receive the refund of all premiums back to the credit card that was used to deduct the recurring premiums within 2-3 working weeks.

10. How do I go about cancelling Travel Pro Enhanced policy for my client?

Customer Reservation System (CRS) allows cancellation of policy prior to policy effective date.  Please login to to perform cancellation of policy.

11. Who can I contact with regards to a general enquiry for my client’s A&H policy?

Please contact our Customer Service Hotline at +65 6299 0988 or email for all Accident & Health, and Personal Business Insurance related matters.

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