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The unexpected has a way of happening to everyone. At Chubb, we understand that handling a claim isn’t just about replacing what’s been lost. Behind every loss is a person and a story. We’re here to listen, and no detail is too small. Talk to Chubb, share your story and let us put our resources, our people and our expertise to work for you.

Report Your Claim

If you are a Chubb policyholder and wish to notify a Masterpiece claim, please complete this Householders Claim Form and submit it along with any supporting documentation to

The information you give us when making a claim must be honest, complete, up-to-date and relevant.

Please include the following information with any claim notification:

  • Policyholder's name
  • Policy number
  • Date of incident
  • Brief description of incident
  • Full contact details of the person to whom enquiries relating to the claim should be directed
  • EFT details
  • Supporting claim documentation such as invoices, photographs or receipts if available. 

We will take the following steps on receipt:  

  • acknowledge receipt within 5 business days
  • identify your insurance policy, register your matter against it and assign a claim number for reference
  • review whether any further information may be needed.

If we have all the information we need to assess your matter, then we will review to decide whether or not to accept it.
We will let you know if we need further information.

Masterpiece Claim Scenarios

We are a member of the Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) and a signatory to ICNZ’s Fair Insurance Code
(the Code). The Code and information about the Code is available at and on request.

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