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Umbrella Liability Insurance

Unique to Chubb in the New Zealand market

 Also known as 'sleep easy' cover it offers a broad coverage with higher limits across a range of liability exposures.


Coverage highlights

  • Cover provided is worldwide including foreign operations
  • Provides cover to the USA and Canada
  • May cover liability assumed under contract
  • May pay losses after the primary limits have been used, either because a claim is larger than the policy limit or because Product Liability claims have exhausted the Product Liability Aggregate. This is known as "Excess Follow Form" cover.
  • May give care, custody and control cover to the full policy limit
  • May pay losses which are not covered by primary policies but are covered by the Umbrella Policy. In these cases, the policy is said to provide "Difference in Conditions" (DIC) cover, which means that protection is provided as a primary policy (ground up).
  • Provides cover over motor and travel policies as well as the Public Liability policy
  • Contains a very wide definition of who the insured is
  • Includes Advertising Liability
  • Provides a very wide definition of Personal Injury

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