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Chubb's risk engineers take the time to understand each company so that we align risk mitigation strategies with the business needs. Evaluating the likelihood and consequences of risk is a crucial part of our assessments which are based on the methodology outlined in ISO 31000, Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines.

Our risk advice considers:

  • Local and international risk management and loss prevention standards
  • Industry data analytics
  • Lessons from Losses
  • Recent test data
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements
  • Industry best practice

Chubb offers risk benchmarking systems that are easy to understand and identify trends across multiple facilities. Risk benchmarking can be based on Chubb global requirements or agreed client standards. In addition, our clients' risk benchmarking systems can be adopted to ensure full integration with existing Enterprise Risk Management programs.

General Liability

Chubb's general liability risk engineering services are designed to address premises liability exposures to minimise loss severity and frequency for various industries. These services include:

  • Site risk assessment by our risk engineers
  • Documentation of the inadequacies identified, such as unsafe activities
  • Life safety risk evaluations
  • Special events risk consulting
  • Identification of risk improvement recommendations

Chubb has a comprehensive understanding of general liability risks. Our experienced risk engineers with deep industry and technical knowledge can share best practices to help you mitigate potential losses.


Chubb Risk Engineering Services can assist clients in managing risk by providing short term and long term risk solutions to assure your success as a business and property owner. Chubb risk engineers apply their advanced skills in property conservation to help identify potential causes of loss and their impact on your bottom line. Our risk engineers also have hands-on experience with fire protection systems of all types, which afford clients unparalleled client service.

Our property conservation services go beyond basic property protection to include:

  • Customised risk management programs
  • Supply chain assessment
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • New construction / major project reviews
  • Hydraulic analysis of fire protection systems
  • Natural perils assessment
  • Maintenance and protection of key plant and equipment
  • Fire protection systems test verification
  • Contractor control programs
  • Emerging risk bulletins
  • Natural perils risk evaluations
  • Risk profiler (self-assessment) programs

Product Liability

Chubb risk engineers work with many businesses to improve products liability risk management within their organisation. In today’s complex world, managing risk is a necessity for any business. Whether you are a manufacturer, exporter, distributor, building owner or service provider, liability risk exposures may be present.

Our risk management services are designed to promote product safety and minimise a company’s potential for products liability claims. Our worldwide network of experienced staff can assist you in benchmarking your risk management programs and identify opportunities for improvement. We work with risk managers to review and evaluate the functional aspects of their organisations to minimise likelihood and impact of products liability losses. These services include:

  • Product loss prevention awareness
  • Anticipating failure modes for various processes and products
  • Human factors engineering and design
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Preventive Controls analyses for food processors

Product quality and safety through your supply chain is also an important risk management concern. It is up to the manufacturer or importer to ensure food quality and safety, including intentional supplier adulteration. This type of ‘trust but verify’ model should be adopted across all industries that are reliant on suppliers. Chubb Risk Engineering has the expertise to assist with evaluation of your supply chain risk.

Among other topics, we offer education programs on:

  • Products liability exposure identification, risk assessment and management
  • Best practices identification and discussion
  • Product user guides and instruction manual review
  • Product safety policy review
  • Product warnings and labels assessment
  • Quality control systems
  • Product complaint handling procedures

Contingent Business Income

The world continues to become smaller as globalisation fuelled by the Internet has made it far easier to drive commerce across geographies. The result is in an ever-expanding supply chain. It’s common knowledge that raw materials, components, and finished products are sourced from all over the world. This results in less control for an importer or manufacturer and subsequently more risk.

Risk managers may take for granted their complex supply chain until something catastrophic occurs. As was evidenced in the Kobe and Fukashima Japanese earthquakes, there was a widespread and sustained disruption in supplies across many industries. Therefore, the ability to recognise who makes up your supply chain ecosystem, map the level of criticality in terms of bottlenecks and supplier reliance, and implement appropriate business continuity controls is crucial.

Global economies, natural catastrophes, and climate change impacts have never strained business supply chain resiliency more. Businesses that recognise the ever-growing threats to their supply chain, and seek ways to strengthen it, will better ensure a stable and healthy bottom line. Chubb Risk Engineering has the expertise to help you to identify your risks, understand the issues, and implement best practices.

Workers Compensation / Employers Liability

Chubb's risk engineers help to reduce or eliminate risk factors in the workplace that can contribute to occupational illnesses or injuries. The identification and mitigation of the causes of these injuries and illnesses contributes to savings of workers compensation expenses and reduces the indirect costs associated with workplace accidents. Among the areas of collaboration are:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Management consultation
  • Employee safety awareness programmes
  • Safety and health programme assessment
  • Slip and fall programmes

Equipment Breakdown

Chubb provides equipment breakdown risk engineering services for a variety of businesses, ranging from real estate to complex manufacturing. Our risk engineers conduct detailed risk analysis associated with a wide range of industries and market segments. We are trained to identify potential exposures and risk factors associated with machinery and electrical equipment as well as providing solutions on how to mitigate the cost of repairs and downtime to the facility.