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Product Assessment Programme

Product Assessment Programme

We're committed to providing Advisers with professional assistance which includes training and development to help Advisers confidently give advice on our products.

Ensuring Advisers have a sound knowledge and understanding of our products is now a requirement for us. More importantly, evidence of successful training is essential for Advisers who may need to be able to demonstrate a degree of product knowledge and competence.

Our product assessment programme will assist with this but, more importantly, in-depth product knowledge will:

  1. make Advisers much more valuable to their clients,

  2. increase Adviser and client confidence, potentially resulting in a higher commitment from clients,

  3. help reduce the risk of making unsuitable product recommendations.

Please find below the essential training assessments that need to be completed for the Chubb Life Adviser products (Assurance Extra, Agribusiness Extra, Business Assurance and Business Extra).


Assessment modules

There are separate assessment modules for each of our products and separate assessment modules for each of our Assurance Extra covers:

Note: You can only complete the modules using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Professional. Please download and save each assessment before you begin.

If you have any questions, or need further training, please contact your Business Partnership Manager who will be more than happy to assist.


How to complete the modules

To complete the modules:

1. Read the relevant policy wordings, product brochures and quick guides for each of the products.

2. Click on the link to launch the assessment.

3. Download and save a copy of each assessment to your own computer.

4. To begin open the assessment using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Professional from your saved location.

5. You will need to enter your name, Adviser code, your Chubb Life BPM and confirm you have read and understood the relevant Chubb Life policy wordings and product collateral before you are able to begin.

6. You need to answer all of the questions in each assessment.

7. Once you have fully completed the assessment, please save it and email it back to us at and we will calculate your results.

8. You must achieve a minimum score of 80% on each assessment to complete it successfully. Your Chubb Life BPM will contact you to let you know if you have achieved the required score.

9. You will receive a certificate to certify that you have completed all of the assessments in our programme.



The product assessment programme provided by Chubb Life New Zealand is intended to assist you in understanding Chubb Life’s products and services. The information and material contained in the programme assessments is general in nature and a summary of only some of the features of Chubb Life’s products and services. The programme is not intended to test or assess your understanding of all of the features of Chubb Life’s products; and successful completion of any assessment in no way implies any expertise in Chubb Life’s products and services. The programme is not a substitute for comprehensive reading of, and understanding, the policy document and all other product collateral, and the information in this programme should not be relied upon for the purposes of providing financial or professional advice. The information on which the presentation and assessments have been prepared is subject to change. To the extent permitted by law Chubb Life disclaims liability or responsibility to any person for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may result from any errors in, or any act or omission by any person in relation to, the material in the assessments or for any financial or professional advice given in reliance on the product assessment programme. The information contained in this programme is intended only for Advisers who partner with Chubb Life. No part of any of the presentation or assessments may be reproduced, published or distributed without Chubb Life’s prior written consent.

Privacy: The information that you provide in these assessments will be held by Chubb Life and will be used to monitor and assess your understanding of our products and services. For more information on how we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information and your rights to access and correct it, please see our Privacy Statement by clicking on the link below.

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