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Life Insurance

Free critical illness frequently asked questions

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  1. What’s the offer?

    We’re giving customers up to $30,000 of free critical illness cover for two years with every eligible Assurance Extra life insurance policy taken out or topped up via an Independent Financial Adviser.

    The free critical illness cover offer is based on 10% of the Life Cover value, up to the value of $30,000.

  2. What critical illness cover is provided under this campaign?

    The free critical illness cover is provided via Chubb Life's Assurance Extra Trauma Cover.

  3. How long does the offer run for?

    The offer runs from 1 February – 31 March 2022, policies must be submitted within these dates and issued before 30 April 2022 to be eligible.

  4. Who’s eligible?

    The offer is available to new and existing customers up to the age of 56 who purchase Assurance Extra Life Cover through an Independent Financial Adviser.

    The free cover is only available to customers with a loading not greater than 150% or $2 per mille loading.

  5. What’s the minimum Assurance Extra Life Cover a customer needs to purchase to be eligible for the offer?

    Customers need to purchase or increase a minimum of $100,000 of underwritten Assurance Extra Life Cover to be eligible.

  6. Are increases to existing policies eligible?

    Fully underwritten increases of at least $100,000 to existing Assurance Extra Life Cover policies are eligible for the offer.

  7. What happens if my customer’s policy is submitted during the campaign period but not issued before the campaign close off?

    We’ve allowed adequate time to process all applications following the campaign period, policies must be issued before 30 April 2022 to receive the offer.

  8. Do policies in the pipeline qualify for this offer?

    No, this offer only applies to policies submitted from 1 February 2022.

  9. How will the free critical illness cover be underwritten?

    The free Assurance Extra Trauma Cover will be underwritten under the same terms that apply to the qualifying Assurance Extra Life Cover.

  10. Can a customer continue their critical illness cover at the end of the two year free period?

    Yes they can. Upon renewal, Advisers should supply the customer with a quote for the revised total cover (including the paid for critical illness cover) and have them agree to the new premium before submitting a request to continue the cover. Any terms applied to the qualifying Assurance Extra Life cover will apply to the paid for critical illness cover if the customer wishes to continue.

  11. Will Advisers be paid commission if the customer elects to start paying for the critical illness cover that was previously free?

    After a needs based conversation with their Adviser, if the customer elects to continue with the cover and start paying for it themselves then full upfront commission for the converted cover will be paid to the Adviser.

  12. Does the 90-day stand down reapply at time of conversion?

    The 90-day stand down will not apply at the time of conversion, but it will apply when free cover is first taken out.

  13. Will you confirm the free cover has been applied to a customer’s policy?

    Yes, customers will receive formal confirmation by email or post that the offer has been applied to their policy. Advisers will receive confirmation by post.

  14. What happens at the end of the two year free period?

    We’ll be communicating with the customer and their Adviser ahead of the two year anniversary to confirm the cover they have and remind them they have the option to continue it. 

  15. How do I produce a quote for an existing customer who wants to take out additional benefits or increase their level of cover?

    Please contact 0800 505 022 and press option 1, or email the quote team directly at


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