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Dedication to quality underwriting drives Monique

September 2023

A major goal for Monique is to champion the understanding of the underwriting process and promote the function as an enabler, not a barrier. 

“Our role is to say ‘yes’ as often, as quickly and as easily as we can. Naturally there are times when we’re required to say ‘yes… but’ or consider the risk in a different way, however I want customers and partners to understand the importance of the process and that we want to get it right every time.”

Monique’s move was motivated by Chubb Life’s growth strategy, customer-first values and her previous experience working with Chief Operating Officer Debbie Eyre. 

“Chubb Life’s growth mindset, positive culture and dedication to quality underwriting really appealed to me. I’m excited about the opportunity to lead the market through critical thinking, transparency and easy-to-understand methodologies.”

Monique is also excited to lead and inspire the Chubb Life underwriting team and support Adviser partners through their own underwriting growth journeys. 

“Being easy to do business with is one of the most important aspects of relationships with Advisers, that’s why we’re committed to getting it right.” 

She ultimately sees trust and building effective relationships with partners and customers as the foundation for success. 

“The relationships start at the new business phase so we always need to be looking through the customer lens so they know we’ll be there for them when they need us.” 

When Monique isn’t working she’s busy with her family in Huapai, particularly kids’ sports and her dog Wolf. 

Monique has taken over from Matt Banham who’s taken up an opportunity with Chubb globally to share New Zealand’s best practice underwriting methodologies with the world. 

“It’s pleasing to see the work we do here being recognised and valued in other markets.”