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Enhancing service accessibility through linguistic diversity

September 2023

Dive In 2023 #MeetTheInnovators

Insurance Advisers from the Chubb Life team in New Zealand recently worked with ANZ stakeholders to jointly run a seminar for their Chinese clients. 

The aim was to increase the accessibility of Chubb Life’s services and provide education to a wider range of customers through linguistic diversity. 

This was the first time that Chubb Life had run a Mandarin dialect seminar run for ANZ clients. 

The seminar presented a remarkable opportunity to bridge the communication gap between Chubb Life and customers who may have limited proficiency in English. The potential benefits extend beyond just the Chinese community as other cultural groups where Mandarin is spoken and understood could also benefit. 

The Chubb Life team was instrumental in putting together the content and ensuring the presentation went smoothly. Feedback from the ANZ team was fantastic and the initiative was considered successful in increasing the accessibility of our services through linguistic diversity.

The team involved in the project, on both the Chubb and ANZ, came from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and languages. The diverse knowledge and experience of the team brought a well-rounded understanding of the needs and expectations of the target customer base. This ensured the content was delivered in a way that was natural and culturally appropriate in the Mandarin dialect.