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Personal Accidents

Chubb Personal Accidents Insurance, you and your family always protected.

Passengers Personal Accidents

Chubb Passengers Personal Accidents Insurance, peace of mind to lead and be led.

Daily Hospitalization

Chubb Daily Hospitalization Insurance in Brazil, security to take care of your health.

Breaking Bones

Chubb Breaking Bones Insurance in Brazil, protection for the “best age”.

Involuntary Unemployment

Chubb Involuntary Unemployment Insurance, safety to be put back in the job market.

Travel Insurance

Chubb Travel Insurance, your destination is to travel in peace.

Residential Insurance

Chubb Residential Insurance, full protection for your home and family.

Robbery and Theft of Portables

Chubb Robbery and Theft of Portables Insurance, real protection for a virtual life.

Robbery and Theft of Purse or Bag

Chubb Robbery and Theft of Purse and Bag Insurance, personal things cannot wait.

Credit Card Insurance

Chubb Credit Card Insurance in Brazil, a solution to carry in your pocket.