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Peace of mind  to ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations related to the manufacture and supply of goods, services provision and construction. It can be used in bidding processes, ensuring the  proposals presentation stage and implementation of the main contract. You can also endorse lawsuits in civil courts, labor or arising from tax enforcement, ensure administrative proceedings that involve the early appropriation of taxes, or even the suspension of these, when authorized by special import regimes.

Intelligent solutions.

Win market without losing safety.

Find a competent and reliable partner is essential to develop your current  business and gain new ones.


  • Ability to serve large projects.
  • Flexibility to customize coverages for specific risks.
  • Expert advice from Chubb to adjust the clauses.

SUSEP number products: 15414.900524/2014-11; 15414.900522/2014-22; 15414.900367/2014-44; 15414.900366/2014-08. 15414.900110/2014-92; 15414.900109/2014-68.