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Specific policies designed for each segment of the energy market: Hydroelectric Power Plants, Wind Power Plants, Thermoelectrical Power Stations,  Distribution and Transmission

We manage risks, we generate protection.

Our insurance, a long term parthership.

Energy is a resource that cannot stand still; for this reason, it is essential to always be prepared for the unexpected.


  • Knowledge and access to reinsurance markets specialised in the sector.
  • Excellent service to policyholders.
  • Long term partnerships.

SUSEP number products: 15414.002709/2008-11; 15414.004409/2005-23; 15414.900716/2013-47; 15414.003119/2007-24; 15414.003092/2007-70. 15414.000242/2005-21; 15414.005515/2011-72; 15414.900076/2014-56.

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