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Some risks are too great for most, but not for us. Our experts have autonomy to make the necessary decisions to offer a complete and personalized service of loss prevention and patrimonial risk management. They are professionals in continuous specialization, with national and international experience.

Nothing is to complex for an expert.

Expertise to deal with complex risks.

Tailored and customized solutions for complex cases with coverages that encompass protection against patrimonial damage and business interruption.

SUSEP number products: 15414.003946/2011-02; 15414.003953/2011-04; 15414.002709/2008-11; 15414.004409/2005-23; 15414.900716/2013-47; 15414.003119/2007-24; 15414.003092/2007-70; 15414.900940/2014-10; 15414.001905/2010-92; 15414.001949/2010-12; 15414.001836/2007-11; 15414.900744/2013-64. 15414.003786/2011-93; 15414.000242/2005-21; 15414.005515/2011-72; 15414.900076/2014-56.

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