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Being one of the global insurance and reinsurance leaders and reference in this area, our reputation was built based on the attenttion to details and high capacity to accept large scale risks. We are ready to offer insurance to all works necessary for the development of the country.

Experience is hands-on.

The basis of a successful project.

We know and anticipate the risks of the project so to offer financial works protection in case of covered unexpected issues.


Against fire, lightning, and explosion; natural risks; hoisting of materials; landslide; tests; among others.  Besides our insurance expertise for: construction of residential and commercial  buildings; installation and assembling of equipment in industrial plants, such as metallurgic industries, beverages and food processing plants; paper, weaving mill, chemicals and petrochemicals; power generation such as   hydroelectric  power plants, wind power parks; small hydroeletric stations and thermoelectrical power stations; and great infrastructure works like roads, railways, subways and sanitation.

SUSEP number products: 15414.003946/2011-02; 15414.003953/2011-04. 15414.003786/2011-93.