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Present in more than 50 countries, we offer several options of coverages and customized solutions to protect cargo in Brazil and abroad, during shipping, air, land, lakes and fluvial transportation. We promote multinational programs for Brazilian companies with operations abroad, covering and controlling risks from Brazil.

Safety for your cargo and business.

Protection to do business everywhere.

In a globalized and connected world it is important to be prepared to seize opportunities when and where they arise.


  • High capacity to underwrite large risks.
  • Differentiated promptness to answer queries with transparency and flexibility, seeking the best business for the client in a personalized way.
  • Ability to accept risks in all segment niches.

SUSEP number products: 15414.000067/2008-15; 15414.902092/2013-01; 15414.901066/2014-38; 15414.000217/2008-91. 15414.901672/2013-72; 15414.001276/2008-86.

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