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The market does not stop so to your business get organized. With a highly skilled team in creating new clauses and in the development of national and multinational programs, the coverages of this insurance encompass peace of mind to keep the focus on the business. Because, even if your  company is subject to civil damage, your financial health will not be jeopardised.

Managing specific risks.

Expertise in taking risks.

Unforeseen events can cause personal and/or material damage to third parties and consumers may demand their rights.


  • Contracts by Products and Completed Operations.
  • Flexibility to create new solutions and products.
  • Pioneering in the creation of new and more comprehensive clauses.
  • Highly skilled team.
  • Development of multinational programs.
  • Pioneering in specific risk management services for General Liability.

SUSEP number products: 15414.900359/2013-17; 15414.900716/2013-47; 15414.900744/2013-64. 15414.900076/2014-56.

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