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The coverages encompass  protection to companies and grant administrators and service providers the opportunity to make decisions quickly, without worrying about any situations that could threaten their assets and activities.

Lines that protect your finances.

Peace of mind to make decisions.

Dynamic products to be successful in business.


  • D&O (Directors and Officers): The coverages encompass protection to the assets of individuals who hold jobs and managerial positions in companies, in case of a possible judicial accountability for decisions made during their term office.
  • E&O (Errors and Omissions): The coverages encompass protection to the insured, in case of being held judicially responsible to pay indemnity for damage caused to third parties for errors committed in providing their professional services.
  • EPL (Employment Practices Liability) or Labor Liability: The coverages safeguard the company in lawsuits arising from undue labor practices.
  • IMI (Investment Management Insurance): The coverages encompass protection to investment funds managers and entities involved, in case of accountability for issues related to the provision of investment services.
  • POSI (Public Offering Securities Insurance): The coverages encompass protection against any lawsuits related to an IPO (Initial Public Offering or opening of capital on the stock exchange), as well as other investments offerings.
  • FIDE (Financial Institutions Professional Indemnity Insurance): The coverages encompass protection for financial institutions and their employees in the event of lawsuits related to professional liability.
  • Fraud Protector: The coverages guarantee payment of financial losses suffered by the insured as a result of fraud by employees.

SUSEP number products: 15414.000712/2005-57; 15414.000621/2011-60; 15414.900807/2014-63; 15414.000127/2006-38; 15414.001780/2011-81; 15414.003307/2007-52; 15414.001333/2005-84; 15414.003134/2009-34; 15414.002062/2011-22; 15414.000701/2008-10; 15414.000702/2008-64; 15414.004673/2010-24; 15414.004855/2005-38; 15414.900926/2013-35; 15414.900917/2014-25; 15414.900960/2014-91; 15414.900983/2014-03; 15414.900984/2014-40; 15414.901000/2014-48; 15414.901014/2014-61; 15414.901015/2014-14; 15414.901116/2014-87; 15414.000128/2006-82. 15414.004364/2010-54; 15414.900256/2015-19; 15414.900465/2013-09; 15414.003403/2007-09.

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