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To preserve your business is as important as to preserve the environment. This insurance encompass patrimonial and financial protection to your business in case of pollution. It is also an important environmental risk management tool as a highly specialized analysis is performed by the insurer before accepting the risk.

Safeguard the continuity of your business.

Your business environmentally protected.

Environmental damage can become worse really fast, generating incalculable losses to the planet and can also put your business at risk.

Main Products:

  • Commercial and Industrial Businesses
  • Works and Services Rendering
  • Infrastruture and Concessions
  • Environmental Transport


  • Customized policies and coverages according to customer needs.
  • All Risks clauses with greater scope, transparency and security for the customer.
  • Local experts for acceptance of risk.
  • Underwriting team highly skilled.
  • Own dedicated environmental engineers team.
  • Highly specialized partners throughout the claims process from the emergency response to the regulation of complex claims.
  • Relationship and shared international expertise.


SUSEP number products:
15414.003145/2012-10; 15414.001106/2010-16.