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Protecting people and their possessions.

Partner companies can add value to their products and services, developing client’s loyalty by offering differentiated benefits and protections. The insurance products are specially developed according to the profile of each company.

5 million clients enjoying the benefits of an insurance that offers a high level of efficiency and quality.

  • Products developed based on insurance broker’s deep thinking for clients of credit card operators, major retailers, utilities, banks, among others.
  • Protection for people: natural death, accidental death, daily hospitalization, temporary physical disability, involuntary unemployment, events, travel coverages.
  • Protection for personal property: loss or theft of cards, cell phone coverage, home insurance, protected bag.

60 business partners.

  • Expertise in Distribution Channels Management, such as sale via Telemarketing, Mobile, Online, personal sales, direct mail, among others.
  • Insurance programs created and implemented according to the characteristics of each distribution channel and their clients profiles.
  • Global solutions for the affinity insurance.

ACE Seguradora S.A SUSEP number products: 10.002766/00-19; 15414.004196/2009-63 ; 15414.003392/2009-11; 15414.003721/2007-61 ; 15414.000012/2007-24 ;15414.004120/2006-95; 15414.003374/2012-34; 15414.004845/2011-41; 15.414.003478/2008-62; 15414.900251/2013-24; 15414.900252/2013-79; 15414.900255/2013-11; 15414.900232/2015-60; 15414.900438/2015-90; 15414.900644/2014-19; 15414.900622/2014-59; 15414.900381/2014-48; 15414.900439/2015-34; 15414.900089/2015-14; 15414.900088/2015-61. Chubb do Brasil Cia. de Seguros SUSEP number products: 15414.005368/2006-73; 15414.000059/2012-55; 15414.900887/2013-76; 15414.900250/2013-80; 15414.004280/2011-00; 15414.000146/2005-83; 15414.000141/2005-51; 15414.002359/2006-21; 15414.002359/2006-21.