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Following the exit of PSC from the Steadfast Network, effective 1st June 2023, PSC Insurance Group (PSC) will no longer have access to the Steadfast Client Trading Platform (SCTP). This will therefore require some changes in how you transact with Chubb for our Business Pack and General Liability solutions.

To further support you as this transition takes place, please find documents regarding the process and changes below:

If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Cornerstone Relationship Manager, Business Pack or Liability Underwriter:

Cornerstone Relationship Managers

Danny Ravenhill
National Cornerstone Relationship Manager
M 0477 276 556

Jane Kuridza
Cornerstone Senior Relationship Manager, NSW/ACT
M 0427 426 141

Shana Kane
Cornerstone Senior Relationship Manager, WA
M 0419 553 982


Mark Roberts
Senior Relationship Manager, VIC/TAS
M 0438 609 132

Brendan Behm
Cornerstone Senior Relationship Manager QLD
M 0437 048 633

Jamie Hewitt
Cornerstone Relationship Manager, SA/NT
M 0466 354 459

Business Pack

Lisa Marshall 
Lead Underwriter, SME Business Pack 
O 03 9242 5301
M 0400 407 603  

Adam Mortimore
SME Underwriter, Business Pack
O 03 9242 5322

eBusiness Support Team


Kushal Makada 
Senior Technical Underwriter, SME
O 03 9242 5313

Sam Walker 
Business Package Unit Leader - SME 
O 03 9623 7289
M 0457 178 209  

Business Pack Underwriting Team


General Liability

Ravneel Singh 
Casualty Underwriter, LMM NSW 
O 02 9335 3490
M 0498 196 007

Aaron Tomlinson 
Senior Casualty Underwriter, LMM WA/SA 
O 08 9223 0145
M 0478 848 500


Anna Matthee 
Casualty Underwriter, LMM VIC/TAS  
M 0456 399 358

Hitesh Patel 
Casualty Underwriter, LMM QLD 
O 07 3018 5824
M 0447 024 397