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Chubb Financial Hardship Policy

If you require support with any of our insurance products, claims or services, we are here to assist.

We are committed to supporting customers facing financial hardship. Our Financial Hardship Policy can help you access support and services at your time of need.

Fast tracking your claim

If you are able to demonstrate that you are in urgent need of benefits you are entitled to under a Chubb insurance policy as a result of an event causing a claim, we will look to fast track the assessment of your claim.

In some situations we may make an advance payment on the claim to assist you.

If you unable to pay us money owed to us due to financial hardship

We may in certain circumstances and subject to you demonstrating financial hardship to us:

  • deduct an excess from a claim amount
  • delay or extend payment terms
  • offer you instalment payments
  • put the recovery of monies on hold
  • release your debt (where appropriate)
  • agree with you to pay a reduced lump sum amount

Importantly, our financial hardship assistance does not apply to the payment of premiums under a Chubb insurance policy. 

Managing our debt collectors

Chubb’s agents such as collection agents or solicitors have been trained to manage financial hardship. If you advise our agents that you’re experiencing financial hardship, they must notify us and will give you information in writing about our financial hardship process. You can always contact us at:

Chubb Customer Relations
O: 1800 815 675
F: 02 9335 3467

How to apply for financial hardship support

If you are going through financial hardship, please contact us as soon as possible.  We can discuss your situation and provide you with our hardship form to apply for support and assist you with the application process.  Alternatively our hardship form is available by clicking here.

You may also wish to consider contacting the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 which is a free and confidential financial counselling resource that can provide advice to Australians in every state and territory:

If you are not satisfied with any decision we make, you can access Chubb’s complaint and dispute resolution process at: