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What We Provide

Exceptional medical and non-medical support services by Chubb, from medical referrals, consultation and repatriation to lost document and ticket replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions on Chubb Assistance support services in times of need, from legal help while abroad to how your medical bills will be paid.

Travel Links

A resource page for all your travel needs, from advice and insurance quotes to useful helplines and contact numbers for embassies and government departments.

Chubb Assistance

Service for Chubb policyholders with business or personal travel insurance. This site provides useful information before, during and after travel.

Ensuring your health and safety while you’re away at home

Whether you’re a leisure or business traveller, we’ve created specific support services for you if you’re a Travel Insurance policyholder with us. It’s our way of ensuring your health and safety while you’re away at home.

Emergency Assistance Around the World
If you need emergency aid, be comforted in knowing that Chubb Assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply contact the local operator and ask for a reverse charge call to us at:

Business Travel Policyholders: Chubb Assistance | +61 2 8907 5995
Leisure Travel Policyholders: Chubb Assistance | +61 2 8907 5666

For all non-emergency matters, you may contact Chubb Customer Service at 1800 803 548.

Note: This service is only available to Chubb Insurance Australia Limited Policy Holders


Added protection in uncertain times

Chubb has partnered with WorldAware (formally red24), a crisis management assistance company, to provide Chubb Business Travel Insurance policyholders and their covered, accompanying travellers with a range of travel safety and security services.

They include:

  • Immediate access to security experts for any security or safety concerns
  • Ground support and/or evacuation assistance in the event of civil unrest, political instability, natural disaster or a terrorist incident