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From small value losses to catastrophic events, Commercial Property claims can put a strain on your resources and significantly impact your day-to-day operations. At Chubb, our aim is to expedite the claims handling process so that you and your business can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Our approach includes an open dialogue with you at every stage of the claim to ensure we are working towards the same goal—a swift and equitable resolution.

Commercial property claims can put a strain on resources and impact operations.

What makes the Chubb Commercial Property claims process different?

  • Senior Claims Specialists who handle larger, more complicated claims that require greater specialism
  • Dedicated claims handling team that has been empowered to streamline the process for less complex claims
  • High-calibre external network that includes loss adjusters, forensic experts and engineers who can be mobilised quickly, wherever the loss occurs
  • Cash flow models and timely interim payments to ensure that funds are available when and where clients need them

All claims are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the relevant product disclosure statement and/or policy. Please read this information carefully before making a claim and/or contact your broker or us for more information.