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Accident and Health claims are personal and go beyond just the dollars involved. If your business has been involved in an Accident and Health claim, you understand that situations leading up to a claim can be distressing for all concerned, especially if loss of life is involved.  At Chubb, our goal is to relieve as much trauma and distress as possible from a claim situation and to try and provide confidence and help when customers need it. Our Claims Specialists want to know about your claim early and respond to it professionally. We focus on settling claims fast and effectively because we know this affects not just our reputation, but our customers personally.

Everything is directed to respond to the needs of our customers, not just the event

What makes the Chubb Accident & Health claims process different?

  • Highly trained team with an understanding of the medical, legal, international and financial elements of a claim 
  • Quick response within 24 hours of receipt of notification
  • Staff empowered to make immediate decisions to streamline our process 
  • Worldwide network of offices provides access to local experts and ensures the delivery of appropriate local solutions 

All claims are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the relevant product disclosure statement and/or policy. Please read this information carefully before making a claim and/or contact your broker or us for more information.