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a person standing in front of a barrel

Winemaking is known to be both an art and a science; like a hand crafted wine barrel it combines the unique terroir of each individual vineyard, the careful monitoring of every winemaking step and the skill of blending a product that your customers will love. At Chubb, we apply the same level of precision and expertise to our insurance coverage. We call it craftsmanship and wine makers need an insurance partner that can craft solutions unique to their business requirements. Like any other business, wine production is vulnerable to losses. Chubb understands the challenges and complexities winemakers face and is well positioned to proactively help winemakers of all sizes navigate through today’s world of uncertainty.

Why Chubb?

  • Up to $100 million capacity
  • Ability to write business in 54 countries and territories
  • Award winning claims performance
  • Deeply engrained local underwriting expertise within a global network
  • Over 400 risk engineers around the world to help identify and mitigate risk for our clients

Coverage Highlights

  • Product recall: automatic sublimit cover and extended expense coverage (i.e. retail slotting fees and cancellation fees of any advertising and/or promotion programmes that were scheduled but were unable to be executed because of an event)
  • Automatic cover to policy limit and no limitation on percentage of sale exported to the USA
  • Write back for drones used in connection with the business
  • Positive Cyber cover with sublimit extensions
  • Positive write back for spray drift of overspray
  • Ability to cover malicious tamper contamination recall and recall expenses as an additional benefit

Chubb Appetite

The following list is general guidance regarding Chubb's appetite for liability risks. For risks not listed below, please contact your local Chubb distribution team to discuss solutions for a range of occupations and industries.

Considered: Not Considered:
Wholesale Trade
Safety Critical Aviation Products
Retail Trade
Building & Constructions Materials
Construction & Civil Engineering
Real Estate
Machinery & Equipment Wholesalers
Leisure & Entertainment Venues/Events
Underground Mining
Wholesalers & Retailers
Administrative Services
Safety Critical Automotive Products
Professional Services
Electronic & Appliance stores
Food & Beverage
Health Services
Ammunition & Firearms
Educational Services 
Furniture & Home Furnishing Stores
Financial Services
Government - Federal, State, Local or Municipal
Grocery Stores
Surface Mining & Quarrying
Sports Venues & Associations
Freight Forwarders
Tour Operators

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