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The Chubb Storage Tank Liability Insurance Policy (TankSafe) is designed to offer protection against sudden and gradual first and third party environmental liabilities arising from a storage tank at a covered location.

TankSafe offers a tailored solution to meet the specific needs of facilities with on-site storage tanks.

Coverage Highlights


  • Tailored policy covering pollution incidents emanating from storage tanks
  • Coverage for sudden, accidental and gradual pollution
  • Policy can be underwritten from the application form and supporting information only
  • Automatic coverage for natural resources damage (biodiversity)
  • Damage to third-party property including diminishment in value


  • Liability for third party bodily injury & property damage
  • Indemnity for clean-up costs incurred by the insured in relation to a storage tank incident
  • Legal defence expenses incurred in relation to a covered incident
  • Coverage for fines and penalties against an insured company

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