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Real Estate & Hospitality

There is no sector of our society that is not touched by the real estate and hospitality industry, either as a member of the public, a firm renting office space, or a traveller staying overnight in a hotel. It is impossible to imagine our world without these critical business pillars. Even so, familiarity does not mean the absence of risk or exposure.

Chubb’s Risk Engineering account coordinators work closely with our worldwide network of risk engineers to seamlessly execute a customized service plan, ensuring consistency and quality wherever your properties exist. We work with you and your broker’s loss prevention team to tailor programs that complement your current risk management program, with services including:

  • Slip, trip, and fall assessments for both public areas and employee work space
  • Property protection addressing fire detection and suppression, reduction of fire exposures, chemical storage, and water intrusion identification and evaluation
  • Equipment breakdown evaluations
  • Assessment of evacuation planning and life safety exposures
  • Management of contractual liability
  • Review of Contractor programs Security assessments of hotel and resort properties
  • Evaluations for the safe use of powered equipment, to include lockout/tag out programming

Chubb Risk Engineering Services has deep expertise and knowledge of real estate and hospitality operations to help prevent and mitigate losses that could cripple an organisation.

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