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Loss Mitigation Services

Are you prepared to respond to a cyber security threat? Chubb's expert vendors are available to help our policyholders reduce their exposures and mitigate potential losses.

CrowdStrike® Falcon Prevent

A solution in the fight against ransomware

CrowdStrike’s next generation AntiVirus software, Falcon Prevent, helps reduce the likelihood that an organisation’s computers will be subject to ransomware attacks from malware, and helps mitigate the spread to other exposed devices on a company’s internal network.

CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent uses cloud based AI/machine learning and behavioural-based detection to stop known and never-before-seen ransomware threats.



  • Stop ransomware in its tracks
  • Prevent the spread of ransomware throughout your internal network
  • Receive ongoing quarterly health checks of your network security


Complimentary Password Management Solution in partnership with Dashlane

Included free with our Cyber ERM policies, Dashlane offers a suite of advanced tools to help secure and control your online information. With its built-in VPN, Dashlane encrypts online activity on unsecure Wi-Fi networks to keep personal information safe and private. Dashlane also offers Dark Web monitoring, which scans the web and alerts you immediately if your personal information is ever found where it doesn’t belong, so you can take action quickly.



Eligible cyber policyholders have free access to:

  • Dashlane Premium Team password management and digital protection solution for up to 100 employees (1st year customer only, renewal customers enjoy 25% OFF Dashlane Business & Team purchases)
  • 12-month subscription license term
  •  25% discount on Dashlane Business & Dashlane Team renewal.


  • Enterprise password management employees will love, and best-in-class encryption technology that administrators trust.
  • Best-in-class security. We use bank-grade encryption technology to protect your passwords and personal data.
  • Early warnings and risk mitigation. Dark Web Insights alerts you about relevant hacks and breaches. Get notified of breached passwords for all employees, regardless if they use Dashlane.
  • Improved employee password hygiene. Dashlane’s Password Generator tool creates strong passwords.
  • Quick deployment with your SSO. Confidential SSO & Provisioning (SCIM) integration allows quick and easy deployment with most Identity Providers.
  • Next-level password organization. We autofill, generate, and save your passwords, and you can organize them with Collections (like folders, but better).
  • Secure and convenient sharing. Empower employees to share credentials easily and securely without IT support.
  • Synchronize and backup passwords across multiple devices so you can access them securely anywhere.
  • Browse more securely online with a built-in VPN and unlimited data across an unlimited number of desktop and mobile devices.


Phishing Awareness Assessment in partnership with Cofense

By subscribing to our phishing awareness assessment programme, each Chubb cyber policyholder has access to the highly discounted services of a Cofense Professional Services Consultant and a phishing training programme designed to identify susceptibility and risk to phishing attacks.


Programme Overview

Cofense will run two simulated real-life phishing scenarios using Cofense PhishMe over the course of four months for up to 500 individual email addresses.



A report is issued after each scenario and includes:

  • an executive summary 
  • a response analysis that details the overall susceptibility rate, reporting rate, and the repeat offence rate
  • recipient failure percentages
  • observations and recommendations to improve cybersecurity

Partner offers

All Cyber insurance policyholders have access to Chubb’s preferred panel of pre-qualified service providers — many of whom offer preferred rates. We have identified the following service providers to address your cyber security and privacy concerns:

  • Crowdstrike – offers solutions to help protect and monitor endpoints against malware
  • FireEye – offers solutions to help maintain healthy enterprise security operations
  • Sententia - offers Cybersecurity assessment health checks for SME businesses
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