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Whether you’re a farmer, contractor or miner, a solid insurance for your plant or equipment can protect your business from various risks. Chubb’s mobile plant & equipment insurance package policy provides cover for a wide range of mobile plant and equipment types across multiple industries. Offering insurance protection for material damage and increased costs of working, among other benefits.

Mobile Plant & Equipment Coverage Highlights

Market Specialisation

We have a strong focus on the following industries:

  • Earthmoving/Excavation contractors
  • Mining – above ground, open cut
  • Directional drilling
  • Builders/Construction/Civil construction
  • Road construction/Road works
  • Plumbers
  • Plant hire companies (dry and wet hire) - dependent upon machine type
  • Agricultural/Farming (tractors and farm implements such as hay tools, tillage, planters, discs, grinders/mixers, spreaders/fertilisers,)
  • Grape and other fruit harvesting
  • Access and materials handling equipment

Chubb will also consider the following industries:

  • Concrete/Boom operators
  • Crane operators (preference for wet hire)
  • Drilling operators – not oil or gas
  • Metal recycling plants
  • Quarry operators

What Chubb's Mobile Plant & Equipment Insurance Covers

In addition to a comprehensive level of additional covers, our mobile plant & equipment insurance policy also includes the following features in the material damage section of our wording: 

Basis of Settlement

- Replacement value on machines less than 24 months old and market value for machines over 24 months (subject to sum insured).

Traditional mobile plant and equipment products typically only allow for market value as the basis of settlement regardless of the machines age, but with Chubb’s mobile plant product, the insured is able to obtain a new machine for their machines less than 24 months old which are involved in a total loss scenario.

Mobile Plant & Equipment Insurance Benefits

Chubb has a long standing history of providing insurance solutions for mobile plant and equipment. In fact, we provide insurance programmes for some of the world’s leading plant and equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Our focused underwriting approach enables us to provide consistent and competitive terms in our chosen segments, all backed by:

• Our strong financial rating

• Our renowned claims service

• Our long-term commitment to the Australian market

• Our local underwriting expertise

• Our strong loss control capabilities

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