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The Marine industry faces a host of unique challenges whether operations are based inland or at sea. Chubb’s Marine Services Liability package is a comprehensive insurance solution that  covers  your business against a range of liabilities.

Why Chubb?

  • Up to $100 million capacity
  • Ability to write business in 54 countries and territories
  • Award winning claims performance
  • Deeply engrained local underwriting expertise within a global network
  • Over 400 risk engineers around the world to help identify and mitigate risk for our clients

What it Covers

This policy is designed to be an effective risk transfer solution for marina operators and contractors that will bridge the gap between General Liability cover and Ship Repairers cover required for standard clauses.

Chubb’s Marine Services Liability Insurance provides cover for standard liability exposures, including legal liabilities for personal injury and third party property damage. It also incorporates Ship Repairers liability coverage for contractors that perform maintenance work and those involved in the manufacturing of marine vessels.

Coverage Summary

  • Personal injury coverage
  • Property damage
  • Property damage to vessel and vessel parts
  • Costs for removal of wrecks that arise from property damage to any vessel
  • Coverage for consequential loss and legal defence costs

Coverage Highlights

  • Defence costs
  • Vendors liability
  • Contractual liability extension (if incidental)
  • Coverage for sudden and accidental pollution
  • USA/Canada coverage for personal injury or property damage arising from products exported to or activities of travelling employees on business in USA/Canada
  • Allowances for coverage of certrain property in the Insureds care custody or control

Chubb Appetite

Chubb has a broad appetite to write a wide range of risks for contractors performing maintenance tasks commonly performed by a ship repairer including vessel manufacturing.

Our target market also includes marina operators which includes but is not limited to:

  • Berths and moorings
  • Fuelling
  • Storage
  • Boating equipment
  • Cleaning
  • Lifting/carrying equipment
  • Slipway operations
  • Boating information

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