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Journey Accident Insurance

Accidents can happen during your commute to work and back 

But if you’re insured, this market leading policy can protect your financial security the way workers’ compensation schemes in some states can’t. It provides both lump sum and weekly benefit payments in the event of death or disablement, and even assists in your recovery and return to work.  


What Journey Accident Insurance covers

  • Coverage under the Policy Wording and PDS:
  • Accidental death
  • Disability lump sum payments
  • Weekly loss of income benefits
  • Fractured bones benefits
  • Tuition or advice expenses
  • Replacement staff/recruitment costs
  • Corporate image protection
  • Funeral expenses


  • No general age exclusion, meaning a level of cover is available to people of all ages
  • The ‘Return to Work Assistance’ benefit is designed to assist a person’s recovery and recommencement at work
  • Provides benefits to both the employer and employee
  • Single payment (fixed amount, or multiple of salary) for accidental death, or disability such as loss of limbs/eyes, fractured bones or burns following an accidental event
  • Weekly benefits for temporary, total or partial disablement
Why Chubb?
Why Chubb?

Benefits of Chubb coverage

Here are some key advantages of choosing Chubb:

Global reputation
As a world leader in insurance, Chubb brings unmatched expertise and financial strength to provide comprehensive coverage.







  • An enhanced policy with broad coverage and a host of additional benefits
  • Expert service from local underwriting and claims personnel
  • A truly global network of expertise and servicing capability
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