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Group Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance

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Group Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance

We know that employees are a company’s greatest asset. You can protect yours with this market-leading cover from Chubb, which offers a certain protection against a loss by death or injury to them. It can be provided as a contractual benefit to staff, or your company can take the benefits and provide a range of payments and assistance should the unthinkable occur.  


What it covers

  • Accidental death
  • Permanent disability lump sum payments
  • Weekly loss of income benefits
  • Fractured bones benefits
  • Unexpired membership benefit
  • Tuition or Advice expenses
  • Replacement staff/Recruitment costs
  • Corporate image protection
  • Funeral expenses
  • Coma benefit
  • Dependent child supplement


  • No general age exclusion, meaning a level of cover is available to people of all ages
  • The ‘Return to Work Assistance’ benefit is designed to assist a person’s recovery and recommencement at work
  • Provides benefits to both the employer and employee
  • Single payment (fixed amount, or multiple of salary) for accidental death, or disability such as loss of limbs/eyes, fractured bones or burns following an accidental event
  • Weekly benefits for temporary, total or partial disablement

Why choose Chubb?

  • A new and improved policy with broad coverage and a host of additional benefits
  • Expert service from local underwriting and claims personnel
  • A truly global network of expertise and servicing capability
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