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Operating within a growing list of complex laws means financial institutions increasingly face the potential for loss and litigation. Chubb provides market-leading professional indemnity insurance to protect your organisation and its employees against claims arising from the way they do, or fail to do, their job in serving your customers.

Coverage Highlights

What it covers

  • Claims arising from acts, errors, omissions, breach of duty, breach of trust, breach of authority, misstatement or misleading statement by the financial institution while performing or failing to perform professional services
  • Covers the financial institution and its past or present subsidiaries
  • All directors, officers or employees
  • Defence costs which are advanced to financial institution as incurred
  • The full spectrum of civil liabilities


  • Expertise in underwriting that offers brokers guidance and the ability to customise covers to suit individual business needs
  • Vast knowledge of issues and liabilities faced by financial institutions
  • Global network of underwriters and claims professionals
  • Strong focus on long-term relationship building with our clients

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