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Online crime can ruin businesses, subjecting their operations to denial of service and virus attacks as well as data loss. Chubb’s Electronic Crime Insurance and Computer Crime Insurance policies can help. Designed to complement your organisation’s risk prevention programme, they offer comprehensive protection for your business bottom-line against such crimes.

Coverage Highlights

What it Covers

Cover is provided for loss due to activity including: 

  • Damage or destruction of electronic data or software caused by the introduction of a computer virus into the computer system of the insured
  • The acts of a hacker causing damage or destruction to electronic data or software
  • The fraudulent modification of electronic data or software by a third party
  • Robbery, burglary, larceny or theft of electronic data or software
  • Electronic transmissions loss due to the transfer, payment or delivery of funds or property, resulting from the insured having relied on fraudulent or unauthorised electronic communications from customers
  • Insured's service entity operations loss due to the fraudulent input, modification or destruction of electronic data while the insured is acting as a service entity for customers
  • Extortion loss due to a person other than an employee having gained unauthorised access to the insured's computer system

Chubb Electronic & Computer Crime Insurance is sold alongside Chubb Financial Institutions Bond Insurance for all-round protection against the risks of online crime.

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