Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance

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Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance

Pollution liabilities can arise suddenly during operations at a job site or develop over time. 

Chubb’s Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance protects against these liabilities and includes indemnity for clean-up costs incurred as a result of third party claims. If you’re insured, this policy covers you and your subcontractors as you carry out your work on site.    


What it covers

  • Liability for third party bodily injury, property damage, trespassing, nuisance or obstruction
  • Indemnity for clean-up costs incurred by the insured in relation to such third party claims
  • Costs and expenses included for all claims within the policy limits

Key benefits

  • A policy that’s customisable through endorsements and manuscripted language, in order to meet the specific needs of the insured
  • Coverage on a practice or project-specific basis
  • Pollution ‘wrap-up’ solutions that are available for remediation or construction projects
  • Automatic coverage for natural resource damage

Program paramaters

  • Limits available up to $50 million
  • Term available up to 10 years
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