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At Chubb we understand the complexity of clinical trials. We can tailor your liability insurance solution to suit single clinical trials and large multinational trial programmes in a timely and compliant manner. We have appetite for medical device and equipment companies, pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions.

Coverage Highlights

  • Clinical trials liability
  • Supports clinical trial ‘no-fault’ compensation guidelines, where required
  • Automatic 6-year extended reporting period for claims made by a research subject after the policy has expired
  • Medical monitoring expenses for uninjured research subjects exposed to a product which injured other research subjects


  • WORLDCertTM, a clinical trial certificate of insurance issuance system
  • Specialised clinical trial knowledge and underwriting expertise
  • Option to include public liability in some countries 

Global Network

Chubb can offer local admitted clinical trials policies to assist life sciences companies with their ever-expanding need to conduct trials in countries around the world. Our global network provides both unmatched clinical trials service capabilities in addition to extensive knowledge about the requirements of admitted clinical trial liability insurance policies, certificates, and regulations.

Why Chubb?

  • Experience: Chubb has pioneered life sciences insurance solutions for decades and has specialist underwriters, loss control and claims staff worldwide
  • Claims service: Chubb’s claim service is regularly acknowledged as the best in the insurance industry
  • Financial strength: Chubb’s financial stability and ability to pay claims rate among the best in the industry, as attested by leading insurance rating services
Fact Sheet

Clinical Trials Liability Policy Case Study

Read this case study to learn how Chubb's Clinical Trials Liability policy will respond in the event of a claim and understand the additional benefits available under the policy.


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