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Broadform Liability and Environmental Protect Insurance

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Broadform Liability and Environmental Protect Insurance

Facing up to environmental risk

With increasing responsibilities arising from environmental regulation and legislation, smart business owners are taking a closer look at the environmental liabilities they may face.

Unfortunately in many instances they are finding that their traditional liability insurance will not cover them for potential pollution liabilities.

Chubb Australia has responded by adding a robust environmental protection component to its Public and Products Liability Insurance.

The Broadform Liability & Environmental Protect Insurance Package is a cost-effective solution to cover the environmental liabilities of small to medium sized businesses. It combines the wide coverage and benefits of Chubb’s existing public and products liability insurance with protection against environmental liabilities including sudden and gradual pollution.

Why Chubb?
Why Chubb?

Benefits of Chubb coverage

Here are some key advantages of choosing Chubb:

Global reputation
As the world's largest publicly traded property and liability insurer,    Chubb brings unmatched expertise and financial strength to provide comprehensive coverage.







  • Up to $100 million capacity

  • Ability to write business in 54 countries and territories

  • Award winning claims performance

  • Deeply engrained local underwriting expertise within a global network

  • Over 400 risk engineers around the world to help identify and mitigate risk for our clients


  • Coverage for sudden, accidental and gradual pollution
  • Coverage for remediation costs for pollution emanating from the insured locations
  • Coverage for remediation costs for claims from government agencies for pollution emanating from the insured locations
  • Third party coverage for bodily injury or property damage, and coverage for liability to third parties for costs for pollution emanating from the insured locations
  • Coverage for legal defence expenses for any claims covered under the policy
  • Coverage is not excluded for emotional distress or mental anguish claims
  • Coverage is available for natural resource damages claims
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