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Corporate Social Responsbility

Regional Day of Service

Through our charitable foundations and employee volunteer efforts, Chubb makes a positive impact on communities around the world in the areas of education, poverty, health and the environment.

We’re firm believers that positive contributions to the fabric of our communities return long-lasting benefits to society, our employees and our company.

Since 2012, the Regional Day of Service has been an annual event for employees in Asia Pacific to engage in a diverse range of local community projects. These activities align with Chubb's overarching philanthropic themes of improving education and health, alleviating poverty and saving the environment. Participating countries include Australia, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Every year, over 1,000 employees across Asia Pacific bring to life some 20 meaningful projects through active volunteerism, and in the process, our core philosophy on giving back, too.

Since 2017, Chubb in Australia employees have participated in the Regional Day of Service to raise funds for KidsXpress, an organisation that helps children living with the impacts of physical and emotional trauma. 

Global Day of Service

The Global Day of Service, a tradition that began in 2005, is another Chubb initiative that reflects Chubb’s firm belief in making positive contributions to communities that are rewarding in the long run for both society and our employees.

Observed every five years, the initiative involves Chubb employees across 54 countries and territories who participate in approximately 250 volunteer projects focused on education, poverty and health and the environment. 


At Chubb, we recognise our responsibility to provide solutions that help clients manage environmental risks, to reduce our own environmental impact, and to make meaningful contributions to environmental causes. We also believe that the well-being of society depends on a healthy environment and that a proper ethic strives for balance between sustainable development and preservation.

Chubb's annual Environmental Report outlines the full scope of the company's environmental program and initiatives. The report addresses:

  • Chubb's approach to managing the potential risks from global climate change
  • The insurance products and services we offer to facilitate market-based solutions to environmental and climate-related issues
  • Our progress in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our own operations
  • Our corporate philanthropy that focuses on the environment.

Download the 2019 Chubb Environmental Report for more information about our environmental program and initiatives.