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How much do medical repatriations cost

Medical claims continue to top the number of claims recorded by Chubb in 2018 for Business Travel Insurance policies. While medical evacuations and repatriations form only a small percentage in comparison, it is always the high cost that demonstrates the unmatched importance of a group business travel insurance policy.


All businesses, small and large, have a legal and moral obligation to look after their employees and mitigate the risks they face while at work, or traveling on business, or on secondment. When employees fall seriously ill or are badly injured on their business travels, a medical evacuation to the nearest centre of medical excellence or repatriation back to their home country for further treatment is their best chance of a positive outcome. Chubb’s 24-hour assistance partners enable business travelers to travel with confidence knowing that help is just a phone call away.

Here are four recent cases to show how Chubb has delivered emergency assistance in various countries.

Case 1

Medical Repatriation from Athens, Greece to Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Case 2

Medical Repatriation from Suzhou, China to Singapore

Case 3

Medical Repatriation from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Australia



Case 4

Medical Repatriation from Pattaya, Thailand to Singapore

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